Water Engineering

At Hydromasters Ltd, we offer a wide range of services that will give you 100% satisfaction for your water treatment and purification needs


Our highly skilled, qualified, experienced and talented technicians from top universities in the world will work around the clock to provide you the best designs in the market that fit your commercial and/or domestic needs and advise you on the best designs that are efficient and in line with your needs, recommend the best equipment to use for your business or domestic needs.

Our team of designers use the newest technologies in the market i.e., AutoCAD, ArchiCAD to give you the best of the best designs in the market. Their high levels of qualification make them the greatest in the market thus putting us above the leaderboard.

You need a design for your water treatment and purification needs, we got you covered. Our team works with our clients closely and guides them on the best equipment to get, the best designs in the market and the highest technology to apply in order to get what they require for their water treatment and purification needs.

Design Data for Reverse Osmosis (RO)
TWROTap water BWROBrackish water SWROSea water
Salinity < 1500 ppm < 8000 ppm < 35000-45000 ppm
Recovery 80% 65-80% 35-45%
Working pressure < 15 bars < 15-25 bar 50-75 bar
Membrane types Tap / Brackish 4″ or8″ Tap / Brackish 4″ or 8″ Seawater 4″ or 8″
Flux 30-35 l/h.m2 25-30 l/h.m2 15-20 l/h.m2
Specific     energy     at25°C < 0.75 kWh / m3 < 1.5 kWh / m3 < 5 kWh / m3 withenergy recovery
Installation, Client Training,
& Servicing
  • Our skilled and highly trained technicians will install the equipment on behalf of the client within the shortest time, in accordance with the company requirements and the client's agreement. We also provide training for the client and their staff, equipping them with basic knowledge on maintenance, repairs, and breakdown analysis to ensure maximum utilization of the equipment and keep the business running smoothly. Additionally, we offer after-sales services as agreed with the client to ensure the continuous operation and efficiency of the equipment.
  • Our team of experts in the fabrication department works around the clock to ensure that the required equipment is ready on time, following the set designs, standards, and quality given to them as per the design criteria and requirements of the client.
  • We provide cleaning services for tanks, vending machines, and any other cleaning services required for plants and equipment using quality and approved chemicals, mechanisms, and systems to ensure the smooth operation of our clients’ needs.

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        Copyright © 2024 Hydromasters Ltd. All Rights Reserved.