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We specialize in water treatment services and all other services pertaining to water ranging from treatment to installation, purification and training
Water Treatment

Equipment & Accessories
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All water treatment and water pumping products, spare parts, Consumables, Equipments, Fittings and accessories.
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Comprehensive Water Solutions

At Hydromasters Ltd, we offer a wide range of professional services tailored to meet all your water treatment and purification needs.

Water &Engineering Solutions

High-quality systems for clean water, from design and installation to maintenance and support for domestic and commercial needs.

Importation, Supply & Distribution ofWater Accessories

Comprehensive solutions for water system accessories, ensuring efficiency, durability, and seamless integration into existing setups

Stainless Steel Works

Precision fabrication and installation of stainless-steel water treatment plants and equipment, tailored to client specifications.
Innovative & Cost Effective


we are dedicated to providing unparalleled water treatment and purification solutions. Our expertise spans across designing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art water treatment plants and equipment.
In Our Inventory

Innovations for Purified Water

A whole range of cutting-edge solutions designed to purify and enhance the quality of water for various applications.
Reverse Osmosis
We offer state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems known for their efficiency in removing contaminants to ensure safe and clean water.
Membrane Filtration
Explore our comprehensive range of membrane filtration solutions designed to purify water effectively, meeting diverse industrial and commercial needs.
Ultraviolet Filtration
Ensure safe and efficient water disinfection with our ultraviolet filtration systems, offering reliable protection against microbiological contaminants without the use of chemicals.
Discover our microfiltration systems, engineered to remove particles and impurities from water, providing reliable filtration solutions for various applications.
Enhance your water purification process with our ultrafiltration systems, capable of removing suspended solids and improving water quality efficiently.
Achieve superior water purification with our nanofiltration technologies, designed to remove dissolved substances and contaminants, ensuring high-quality water output.
What our clients say

Best decision ever
We rely on Hydromasters' ultrafiltration system for our industrial processes. It consistently delivers clean water, crucial for our manufacturing standards.

Bradley Smith
Exceeding Expectation
The nanofiltration system from Hydromasters has exceeded our expectations in removing contaminants from our drinking water. Highly recommended for anyone serious about water purity.

Priscilla Jackson
Transformed Our Lives
Hydromasters' reverse osmosis system has transformed our water quality at home. It's easy to use and ensures our family drinks only the purest water.

Collin Leblanc

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      Copyright © 2024 Hydromasters Ltd. All Rights Reserved.